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75th Entrepreneurs’ Barbecue: “Continue the old, embark on the new”

In April, the entrepreneurs’ barbecue was hosted by a member of the executive board for the first time in the eight-year history of the event: Professor Thomas Hirth, the new KIT Vice President for Innovation and International Affairs, personally fired up the grill and explained the significance of innovation at KIT and plans for the further development of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship (CIE) to attendants of the event. He was supported by the Head of KIT Innovation Management (IMA), Dr Jens Fahrenberg, and the Head of the Institute for Entrepreneurship, Technology Management and Innovation (EnTechnon), Professor Orestis Terzidis.

Prof. Thomas Hirth am Grill

The BBQ chef during the 75th Entrepreneurs’ Barbecue: Prof. Orestis Terzidis, Prof. Thomas Hirth and Dr Jens Fahrenberg (left to right)

The 75th Entrepreneurs’ Barbecue took place on 26 April 2016 at the southern campus of KIT Campus. Despite the adverse weather, more than 100 visitors visited the foyer of the Gerthsen lecture theatre to see Professor Hirth in person. He welcomed the opportunity to meet the community of entrepreneurs based at KIT and exchange views with the networking partners of the KIT Gründerschmiede.

In his speech, Prof. Hirth emphasises the significance of innovation at KIT and the exemplary collaboration between the various facilities for entrepreneurs in Karlsruhe. According to Hirth, three measures are necessary to create a fertile environment for innovation at KIT: Innovation must be facilitated by establishing suitable conditions and working to improve them continuously. Furthermore, cooperation with the industry must be developed, and the dialogue between academia, society and the business sector must be promoted.

Hirth also discussed the future of the CIE. It is going to be expanded into an interactive platform for a variety of players. The objective of this project is to increase the visibility of the institution, further strengthen collaboration, and make the Karlsruhe ‘Region of Technology’ even more attractive. Hirth cites an African idiom for inspiration and orientation: “If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to get far, walk together.”

Have a look at our photo gallery for further impressions of the evening:

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