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Your goal? Entrepreneurship!

In cooperation with the nowak & partner law office in Karlsruhe, KIT Innovation Management ran two workshops on the topics of law and taxes for entrepreneurs. More than 20 interesting visitors attended.

KIT-Gründerberater Dr. Rolf Blattner (l.) mit den Referenten Mike Gottstein (11. v.l.) und Thorsten Nowak (12. v.l.) von der Kanzlei nowak & partner

KIT start-up consultant Dr Rolf Blattner (left) with the lecturers, Mike Gottstein (11th from the left) and Thorsten Nowak (12th from the left) from the nowak & partner law office

The nowak & partner law office has many years of experience in supporting and advising young companies. This is why we organised a crash course with two lecturers, Mike Gottstein and Thorsten Nowak, on the topics of products, the market, resources, finances, revenue planning, exit scenarios and business plans for our start-up teams. The programme primarily focussed on questions pertaining to taxation and the law.

Before the lecturers started on their course, they encouraged participants to define their own goals – both private and professional – and compare them with those of their team members. Many start-ups fail due to disagreements within the team, which arise as a result of different goals and different ideas of the required effort for achieving these goals. The participants noticed how important it is to clarify such questions in advance, and how little attention is paid to them in everyday professional life.

The following statements are only a small excerpt from the feedback given by participants after the workshop – their enthusiasm speaks for itself:

“A brilliant workshop on much more than just laws and taxes. Many invaluable lessons have been learned, thanks to more than 30 years of experience on the part of the lecturers, and the information has been applied directly to our own start-up practice by way of concrete examples and exercises. It exceeded my expectations by far. Definite value for all entrepreneurs.” (Reimo Schaupp, QPR Technologies)

“The workshop run by the nowak & partner law office has more than exceeded my expectations! In addition to factual explanations, a lot of practical examples were discussed. Every question was answered helpfully. The atmosphere was relaxed, and time just flew by.” (Kim Eisenmann)

“The workshop encouraged participants to reflect on their own position as a (future) entrepreneur.” (Dr Andreas Bihlmaier, robodev GmbH)

We, the team of KIT Founders’ Forge, would like to extend our warmest thanks to the lecturers from nowak & partner! If you have any further questions on founding a start-up or spin-off at KIT, our start-up consultants will be happy to help you.

More information is available under: http://kit-gruenderschmiede.de/de/gruenderberatung/

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