The authors

KIT-Gründernews covers diverse topics about founding and entrepreneurship. To gain this diversity, several authors are writing articles.

Daniela Musial-Lemberg

supervises the communication of the KIT Founders Forge. She is responsible for editing the web portal, maintaining social media channels, as well as planning and implementing print and online campaigns.

Simone Schappert

reports on scientific spin-offs of the KIT. Furthermore, she ist responsible for all communication activities concerning the Innovation Day NEULAND.

Karola Janz

supervises the communication of the KIT Founders Forge with regard to strategic and conceptual questions.

Anke Weigel

manages the department of technology marketing at the service unit Innovation and Relation Management (IRM). She is responsible for the communication in the field of innovation and for the strategic development in the areas of startup culture and communication.

Thomas Neumann

is Head of the Department of Business Development at IRM and an accredited HTGF coach. He supervises and advises research-based startup projects in all stages of a business startup and coordinates the advanced training courses of IRM for scientific employees of the KIT.

Dr. Rolf Blattner

is a Business Development Manager at IRM and an accredited HTGF coach. He holds longstanding experience in consulting and supervision of research-based startup projects. In particular, his expertise also encompasses the acquisition of public startup funding programs of the federal government and state of Baden-Württemberg.

Guest authors

In addition to the staff members of the KIT Founders Forge university groups and network partners can get involved as guest authors. If you are interested just contact us: