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“From Invention to Innovation” – An IP crash course for KIT members

The training course “From Invention to Innovation”, organised for the fifth time on 15 March 2016 at the Further Education Centre for Technology and the Environment (Fortbildungszentrum für Technik und Umwelt – FTU), has been a great success. More than 40 KIT employees attended the intensive seminar on the topic of intellectual property (IP), which dealt with questions of security and legal foundations of technology transfer at KIT.

Referent Andreas Weddigen

The seminar, which lasted for half a day, provided participants with valuable information on the topics of patent law, technology and market analysis, licensing rights and start-ups. The lecturers of the KIT Innovation Management team explained in which cases research results can and should be protected and how inventions can be utilised in the form of technology transfer projects involving the industry and licensing contracts. The possibility of entrepreneurship was discussed, too, and participants had a chance to explore whether the establishment of their own company seemed like an attractive option. The story of two fictional PhD students at KIT, Thomas and Pia, helped illustrate the taught content.

In addition to this theoretical input, the event provided sufficient space for audience questions. Especially the process from the invention to the patent application and the role of the scientist in this process were the subject of many inquiries. The event culminated in a get-together, during which individual questions were discussed with the IMA representatives.

The next edition of “From Invention to Innovation” for academic staff at KIT will take place on 4 October 2016. Save the date or register now with FTU. The seminar can be found using the code MB431 in the programme.


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