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Founder of the Month August: The nubedian GmbH Founding Team

nubedian_logo_220The nubedian GmbH was founded in 2011 as a spin-off. It develops innovative assistance systems as mobile software that helps advise and coordinate clients in establishing social and health management. Mathias Schmon is the founder and managing director of nubedian. In an interview, we asked him about his idea, startup phase, and future prospects.

Mathias Schmon

Mathias Schmon

What does your business stand for?

The nubedian GmbH stands for innovative software and services. Our cloud-based, mobile solutions are easy to operate, efficient, and affordable. The focus of the solutions lies on process support, documentation, and evaluation, whereby efficiency, transparency, and adhering to processes are increased. Thus, nubedian takes on the demographic challenges.

nubedian-App auf einem Tablet

nubedian app on a tablet

How did you come up with the idea for your startup?

The shift of the age pyramid, as well as the increase of multi-morbidity and care dependency, led to new service concepts and service models in social and health management. Without suitable tools, considerable administrative and coordination efforts occur in supply networks, such as nursing services, hospitals, welfare organizations, nursing facilities, and clinics. Here, nubedian steps in: In order to make more time for the personal assistance of people, our solutions help employees with consulting and coordination.

Are there any founders or entrepreneurs who you particularly admire?

Every entrepreneur that has managed to form a product from an idea and has thus built up a successful business deserves admiration.

Where do you see challenges on your way to becoming a successful company?

The biggest challenges lie in the sales approach and the marketing of the products. The more a product requires explaining, the harder the sale becomes. A good product doesn’t mean being successful. It is important to reflect on the path to one’s goal regularly and, if necessary, adjust it.

Could you imagine working for a different business in the future or would you rather be your own boss?

Of course it is fun to make something of your own, work independently, create your own ideas, and lead a young and creative team according to your visions. However, you are also subordinate to the laws of the market and the wishes of the customers…

Where do you see yourself and your business in 10 years?

In 10 years, the nubedian GmbH will be the market leader for coordination, consulting, and case management software in social and health management software for the economic zones of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Do you have any tips for other young business founders?

Seek dialogue with other founders, especially in regards to the fantastic founding infrastructure in Karlsruhe. However, you should choose an already successful business for benchmarking. Look for an experienced mentor who has already mastered these challenges and can be at your side with tips and advice.

Otherwise: Don’t hesitate, act!

Brief overview:

  • Founders: Mathias Schmon, Bruno Rosales, Imanol Bernabeu
  • Startup: 2011
  • Homepage: www.nubedian.de
  • Contact: info@nubedian.de
  • Field: Medical Technology, Sensor Technology
Portfolio der nubedian-Anwendung

Portfolio of the nubedian application

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