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Founder of the Month December: The lengoo UG Founding Team

lengoo_logolengoo makes use of the potential of international students. As a service provider for editorial works and translations, lengoo offers customers a wide network of qualified students that translate scientific writings into their native languages. Christopher Kränzler is one of the founders of lengoo. In an interview, we asked him about the idea, startup phase, and future prospects.

Christopher Kränzler

Christopher Kränzler

What does your business stand for?

lengoo stands for making businesses of any size competitive internationally, so that they may profit from the progressing globalization. We provide access to the native language potential of international students with academic expertise and thus support internationalization plans with high-quality and low-priced multilingualism.

How did you come up with the idea for your startup?

The idea stems from a professional experience that I had as a student worker at a large business consultancy. The problem is that certified translations are often unreasonably expensive or that translators do not possess the necessary technical background knowledge. We solve this problem using the abilities of the best international students, while simultaneously creating an attractive possibility for additional income.

Are there any founders or entrepreneurs who you particularly admire?

Richard Branson is a fantastic entrepreneur who I have admired for many years. When you pursue things with such passion, heart, and entrepreneurial spirit, nothing can really go wrong.

Where do you see challenges on your way to becoming a successful company?

Currently, we are faced with defining the most sustainable and profitable distribution channels with an innovative problem-solving approach in a highly competitive market. Additionally, we want to prepare lengoo for a healthy and strong growth with ambitious automation of nearly all processes.

Could you imagine working for a different business in the future or would you rather be your own boss?

Actually, I don’t close any doors in life because ultimately everything has its advantages and disadvantages. If you want to build up a company, you have to make sacrifices. But, you also know exactly what you have or have not achieved every day and can enjoy the luxury of being able to achieve thing on your own. It is true that I enjoy working autonomously and our still young independence really makes us want more!

Where do you see yourself and your business in 10 years?

In the next 10 years, we want to rise to become one of the largest translation service providers in the world and provide many new users with the possibility of making use of our translations. At the same time, our goal is to be one of the most attractive businesses for students by contributing actively to integration and indirectly to international understanding using our side-job opportunities.

Do you have any tips for other young business founders?

I think it is important that you don’t become too grown-up to dream along the path, and that you have the courage to actually pursue some of your dreams despite homework that still needs to be done.

Brief overview:

  • Founders: Christopher Kränzler, Philipp Koch-Büttner
  • Startup: 2012
  • Homepage: www.lengoo.de/en
  • Contact: info@lengoo.de
  • Field: Translation Services
Team von lengoo (v.l.): Julius Parrisius, Christopher Kränzler, Philipp Koch-Büttner, Alexander Gigga

The lengoo team (left to right): Julius Parrisius, Christopher Kränzler,
Philipp Koch-Büttner, Alexander Gigga

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