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Founder of the Month July: simaps GmbH

simaps_Logo_220The simaps GmbH was founded in 2008 as a spin-off and cooperation partner of KIT. simaps offers new possibilities for security and cost optimization of presently used but also of future energy carriers, especially hydrogen, through scientifically founded security analyses of combustible gases and dusts on the basis of theoretical, numerical, and experimental expertise. In an interview, we asked the founding team about their idea, startup phase, and future prospects.

Das Gründerteam (v.l.) : A.Kotchourko, T. Jordan, J. Xiao, W.Breitung und G.Stern

The founding team (left to right) : A. Kotchourko, T. Jordan, J. Xiao, W. Breitung und G. Stern

What does your business stand for?

We offer services for the secure handling of combustible gases and dusts.

How did you come up with the idea for your startup?

Classical explosion protection in the process industry is based on formal rules that don’t grasp the actual physical procedures, such as gas distribution through space, the ignition and development of flame velocity during the process of combustion, arising pressure loads, as well as the effect on structures and people. By using modern three-dimensional simulations in connection to experiments, we try to understand the chain of events and deduce effective security measures. This new approach was developed for more than 20 years in many research projects at FZK/KIT.

Are there any founders or entrepreneurs who you particularly admire?

Not really. There are certainly many extraordinary founder careers, but all grew out of special circumstances. We have our own starting basis and goals.

Where do you see challenges on your way to becoming a successful company?

Finding out what problem we can solve successfully for which target groups, doing this better than was previously possible.

Could you imagine working for a different business in the future or would you rather be your own boss?

For my cofounders and myself a different business in not an alternative.

Where do you see yourself and your business in 10 years?

It is hard to say. We have a tendency to build a small but stable team with the required expertise on scientifically justified explosion protection.

Do you have any tips for other young business founders?

As stated above: Carefully analyze which problem you can successfully solve for which target group. And as a KIT founder, seek help at IMA – definitely recommendable.

Brief overview:

  • simapsSimulation for applied process security
  • Founders: Dr. Wolfgang Breitung, Dr. Alexei Kotchourko, Dr.-Ing. Thomas Jordan (2010 ausgeschieden)
  • Homepage: www.simaps.de
  • Contact: info@simaps.de
  • Field: Energy
simaps-Anlage für Sicherheitsanalysen

simaps facility for security analyses

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