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Founder of the Month June: Marc Jäger of the neocor GmbH

Logo_neocor_220security analysesThe neocor GmbH was founded in 2010 as a spin-off of the KIT Institut für Biomedizinische Technik (Institute for Biomedical Technology). Dr. Marc Jäger is the founder and developer of neocor. In an interview, we asked him about his idea, startup phase, and future prospects.

Dr. Marc Jäger

Dr. Marc Jäger

What does your business stand for?

Treating emergency patients quickly is the most essential thing. Identifying them is the challenge. First responders are limited to their senses. With our innovations, we want to help expand these senses technically. We research, develop, and validate systems that take over the search for signs of life (feeling for a pulse, recognizing breathing) and, based on this, recommend actions to the aiders. With the CPR|Check, neocor has brought a medical product to the market that did not exist in this or a similar format before. Small and simple, reliable and suitable for amateurs – these are the features that characterize our product and our research. Our know-how and drive to research combined with top-notch partners in the clinic and industry make it possible to create high-quality results that we can back up 100%. We only bring results to the market that we are convinced by.

How did you come up with the idea for your startup?

The drive behind the development of the device was the fact that it is essential to the survival of an unconscious person that amateurs recognize the life-endangering state as quickly as possibly and treat the person correctly. Next to my occupation as a researcher, I am an active firefighter and noticed that many first responders in traffic accidents need support in this respect. That is why I initiated the project in 2004. The survival probability falls by 10% for every minute without cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Ten minutes after a circulatory arrest there is normally barely a chance for survival.

Are there any founders or entrepreneurs who you particularly admire?

Everyone that has made it on their own.

Where do you see challenges on your way to becoming a successful company?

Organizing marketing and sales without having a large available budget.

Could you imagine working for a different business in the future or would you rather be your own boss?

As soon as I get bored, I need something new and exciting. I can’t say yet what that may be. But if it would happen to turn up in a different business, than it may be that I would do that.

Where do you see yourself and your business in 10 years?

Our core area is research. Next to our current project, the CPR|Check, we are researching other innovations. In 10 years, we see ourselves as a business that has contributed a little bit to improving the quality of life and increased the survival chance of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

Do you have any tips for other young business founders?

If you are convinced of something, even if it sounds completely absurd, don’t be discouraged. Otherwise, I find this Goethe quote fairly suitable: “It is not enough to know, you also have to use. It is not enough to want, you also have to do.”

Brief overview:

  • Founder: Marc Jäger
  • Startup: 2010
  • Homepage: www.neocor.de
  • Contact: info@neocor.de
  • Field: Medical technology, Sensor technology

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