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Do you have a plan?

At the beginning of each founding of a company you need a plan to implement your business idea into reality – commonly known as the business plan.

A business plan can be used for various purposes, e. g., to obtain new financing, to convince a cooperation or capital partners, or to prepare investment decisions on the fly, and to plan the associated measures. The addressees of the business plan can be very different. Therefore, a business plan has to be adapted to the purpose or the addressee. The business plan often serves as a basis for future business success!

However, the business plan is not a predetermined path from which one must not deviate, neither is it a static document that cannot be dynamically adapted to new challenges. The business plan is used – especially in the early days – again and again for self-reflection of you and your team and to focus your ideas and goals. It is a support for you, so you do not lose sight of important things when starting your actual business activities.

There are many books, guides, websites, programs, courses, and counseling centers with various offers on the topic of the business plan. However, the basic structure of a business plan described therein – no matter for what you want to use it – is always similar:

  • Summary / Executive Summary
  • Description of the business model / Monetization (incl. type of corporation)
  • Benefits / unique selling point of the product / service
  • Description of the market / industry
  • Market potential and market entry (marketing and sales strategy)
  • Company organization (organizational and operational structure, management)
  • Business planning (development of profitability 3-5 years, different scenarios)
  • Financial plan and capital requirements
  • Appendices

If you give thought to these points, discuss them with your team or your surroundings, and then write them down, you already have the first draft of your business plan before you. As a very good basis for the first discussion, particularly when working in a team, the “Business Model Canvas” by Alexander Osterwalder has been established. The idea paper of the EXIST founder scholarship is also very nicely structured.

Early contact with experienced consultants and coaches can help you with your business plan! So when creating your business plan, we accompany you from the start as internal founder coaches of the KIT – also with the critical examination of your business idea. As the Founders Forge, we also offer many events on the topic of entrepreneurship. We encourage you to inform yourself about our wide range of offers and to chat with us about your project and thus to start on the path to success without major detours.

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