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KIT Entrepreneurship Talks – “Banana software” and other quirks of IT startups with Ludwig Neer

CAS2_220x220The KIT Entrepreneurship Talks began the year with Ludwig Neer of CAS Software AG. Prospective IT founders and interested people gathered on January 22, 2015 in the Tulla Lecture Hall. Entrepreneur Neer founded CAS as early as 1986 together with Martin Hubschneider, building the company to become today’s market leader for CRM solutions. In his current position on the board for research and technology, Neer continuously works on the development of the company.

Since the startup of CAS about 30 years ago, the IT industry has rapidly changed. Neer witnessed this development and, at the talk, drew personal conclusions about what is different and important for IT startups today. Many changes have to do with the digitalization, the fast pace, and the large competition in the IT sector.

Among other things, Neer describes the end of “banana software” – software that continues to ripen in customer hands. This approach is no longer suitable today, as customers make much faster decisions about purchasing a product on the market. Errors and half-baked features aren’t exactly beneficial in such an environment. Customers want mature products that completely meet their needs. Consequently, the draft, prototype, and test phase is much more crucial than just a few years ago. Design thinking is a method to drive the development of IT products and services in a customer-oriented and targeted way.

In order to keep up with the continuous development of information technologies, “information junkie” Neer recommends becoming regularly informed about trends and technology. For inspiration, Neer advised the listeners to walk through the world with open eyes. Inspiration can be found everywhere. He regularly makes business appointments in museums – this environment brings up entirely new perspectives on one’s own business. You can see many more tips in the video of the talks. The video will soon be made available.


Don’t miss the final round of talks for the 2014/15 winter semester! On February 12, 2015, we welcomed Mirko Holzer of BrandMaker GmbH to the KIT Entrepreneurship Talks. After a practice-oriented round of talks, you can network at the 61st founders’ BBQ of the Center for Entrepreneurship and exchange ideas with other prospective founders.

The lecture series takes place starting at 7 pm on the South Campus of the KIT in the Tulla Lecture Hall. It is open to anyone interested in the topic of founding.

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