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KIT entrepreneurial spirit at CeBIT 2016

In 2016, the CeBIT was once again held in Hanover with strong participation by KIT. This year’s motto of the event, “Discover d!conomy – the digital transformation has arrived!”, explored the question of how digital technologies will simplify business processes and everyday life in the future. The main topics were “Big Data”, “Cloud”, “Internet of Things”, “Mobile”, “Industry 4.0” and “Work 4.0”.

Especially the large number of KIT spin-offs clearly demonstrated the position of the Institute in research and the transfer of knowledge between society and the business world. A total of eleven start-up teams from KIT and one FZI team took the opportunity to present their products and services to a broad audience and discuss solutions to current changes with the trade fair visitors.

KIT Vizepräsident Prof. Dr. Thomas Hirth, KIT Gründerberater Dr. Rolf Blattner, Prof. Dr. Ralf Reussner (KIT/FZI), Bundeskanzlerin Dr. Angela Merkel, Bundesministerin Prof. Dr. Johanna Wanka, Ministerpräsident Stephan Weil, Dr. Christoph Amma von „Kinemic“ (v. l. n. r.)

KIT Vice President Prof. Thomas Hirth, KIT Start-up Consultant Dr Rolf Blattner, Prof Ralf Reussner (KIT/FZI), Federal Chancellor Dr Angela Merkel, Federal Minister Prof Johanna Wanka, Prime Minister Stephan Weil, Dr Christoph Amma of “Kinemic” (left to right)
- picture: Patrick Langer, KIT

The teams of “Kinemic” and “emmtrix Technologies” presented their projects for one week at the KIT trade fair stall. Both are currently funded by the “EXIST Research Transfer” initiative. A clear highlight of the fair was the visit from the German Federal Chancellor Dr Angela Merkel, who displayed an interest in the gesture control software by “Kinemic” as part of her tour of the trade fair.

Eight more KIT-based spin-offs showcased their technologies at the stall of the Hemholtz Association. Representatives of “otego”, funded by the “EXIST Research Transfer” initiative, “robodev”, “Aquaplot”, “Eyezag” and “Selfbits”, all funded by the “EXIST Founders’ Grant” and the teams of “cashlink”, “Silicon Surfer” and “Key Point Visual Management” attended the event for a day each as exhibitors.

Dr. Andreas Bihlmaier, Dr. Jens Liedke und Dr. Julien Mintenbeck vom Team „robodev“ auf dem Stand der Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft (v. l. n. r.)

Dr Andreas Bihlmaier, Dr Jens Liedke and Dr Julien Mintenbeck of the “robodev” team at the stall of the Helmholtz Association (left to right) – picture: Dr. Rolf Blattner, KIT

At the joint stall of Baden-Württemberg International, the founders of “cubuslab” (funded initially by the “EXIST Founders’ Grant” and now by the “Young Innovators” programme) took advantage of the opportunity to exhibit their solution for the digitally connected laboratory of the future.

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) also gave entrepreneurs a platform to present their products and services at its main stall. The “easierLife” team based at FZI, also funded by the “EXIST Founders’ Grant”, demonstrated a product for monitoring apartments and houses inhabited, for instance, by family members in need of care and who live alone.

CeBIT Messebesucher mit Frederik Riar und Michael Rückauer vom Team „emmtrix Technologies“ vor ihrem spektakulären Exponat (v. l. n. r.)

Visitors of CeBIT with Frederik Riar and Michael Rückauer of the “emmtrix Technologies” team in front of their spectacular exhibit (left to right) – picture: Patrick Langer, KIT

In retrospect, the appearance of KIT at CeBIT 2016 was a roaring success for all start-up teams who participated. It constitutes an enormous contribution to the professional identity of the young entrepreneurs, who have derived great benefit from their experiences and subsequent analyses for future events, discussions and negotiations.

The start-up consultants of KIT will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the funding programmes offered by the Federal Republic and the State of Baden-Württemberg.


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