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KIT startup teams sweep the board at the CyberChampions Award 2015

ShareBW Kongress des CyberForumsOn 11/12/2015, the CyberChampions Award was awarded as part of the ShareBW Congress. The prize was offered to founders and young businesses from the extended TechnologieRegion Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion) in the categories “Best Concept” and “NewComer” as well as a special prize for “Innovation.” As early as October, 29 applicant teams pitched in order to be selected for one of the coveted spots in the finals. A 17-person jury, including former prize recipients as well as representatives from industry and economy, evaluated the submissions. The decisive factors for a spot in the finals were specific know-how about markets and customers, a clear positioning, and a smart strategy. Ten startup teams with roots at the KIT were selected among the 11 finalists.

Two KIT teams were chosen in the category “Best Concept.” The goal of cubuslab GmbH is laboratory work without elaborate documentation and manual data transfer. The founders came in first place in this category for their solution for cross-manufacturer networking, monitoring, and remote operation of laboratory devices. “A technology that makes clipboards in the lab unnecessary,” according to presenter David Herrmanns, managing director of CyberForum e.V. The second place went to the store2be GmbH team, who were able to win over the jury with their online marketplace for temporary renting of promotion and sales spaces in stationary trading.

This year’s best “NewComer” prize went to Ocedo GmbH. The company develops a smart network solution that allows growing and dynamic businesses to connect efficiently. The second place in this category went to the KIT startup corvolution GmbH, which was able to win over the jury with an extensive 48-hour health checkup titled mesana. For the first time, mesana connects medical parameters and health factors, such as stress load, fitness, and sleep quality, with individual action recommendations for improving health.

The init innovation prize, which is awarded for ideas and products with a particular potential for innovation, went to the OTEGO founders from the KIT. The team develops new thermoelectric generators (TEG) that allow heat to be transformed into power. With this technology, changing batteries in small appliances could soon turn into a thing of the past.

During the competition, startup and business teams received valuable support from CyberForum e.V. and, in particular, from CyberLab. Furthermore, each team received an individual image film that can also be used for future customer acquisition. Access the videos here.

In addition to the award recipients, other KIT teams were in the finals: Aquaplot, Eyezag, GoSilico, INDMATEC GmbH, ReTest, and SkyGlass. We congratulate all prize recipients and finalists for their successful participation in the CyberChampions Award 2015. For more information about the competition and all prize recipients and finalists, visit CyberForum. Next year, you, too, will have the chance to apply with your idea or business. We will keep you posted!

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