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Safe in a risky environment – KIT spin-off Opasca develops systems for personal protection for special applications

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The field of sensor based environment detection offers a wide and interesting spectrum of application areas. OPASCA Systems GmbH, a technology oriented spin-off of the KIT founded in 2001, has specialized in the development of intelligent sensor based systems and solutions in the area of person and object detection. The focus of the young firm is human protection in safety critical compounds, especially in medical high-tech establishments, such as with radiation therapy, x-rays, computed tomography (CT), and magnet resonance tomography (MRT).

The Opasca security system medXguard reliably recognizes potentially dangerous situations and prevents the involuntary irradiation of patients and medical staff on the basis of automatic computer controlled evaluations of video data streams from several cameras. This way, the medical staff, among others, can accompany patients based on camera pictures directly from the intuitive operating terminal. In dangerous situations, the staff members are warned by the system. “Additionally, we can extend the monitoring of irradiation facilities to further areas – for example, waiting rooms – and offer a comfortable solution to the audio visual patient monitoring,” says Dr. Ing. Alexej Swerdlow, who founded the firm together with Dr. Ing. Timo Machmer.

The OPASCA Systems GmbH also offers their innovative and customer specific solutions for various other applications, where a reliable protection of people must be ensured. Especially in handling and operating heavy machinery, a reliable person protection on the basis of an automatic and intelligent evaluation of sensor data can prevent health and life threatening situations.

The two founders of the firm gained their solid knowledge for the development of these intelligent systems during their time working on their doctorates at the Department for Interactive Real-Time Systems, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). In 2010, the technology transferred from research into industry in the shape of an EXIST startup project, and the subsequent founding of the OPASCA Systems GmbH followed.


OPASCA Systems GmbH
Phone: +49 (0) 6 21 – 15 02 82 – 70
Fax: +49 (0) 6 21 – 15 02 82 – 71
Email: kontakt@opasca.de


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