KIT Entrepreneurship Talks – Mikro Holzer of BrandMaker shares his lessons learned

BrandMaker_Holzer_220x220On February 12, 2015, Mirko Holzer of BrandMaker GmbH was welcomed as a guest at the KIT Entrepreneurship Talks. Holzer began a first attempt at founding while still at school. During his studies at the KIT (the University of Karlsruhe at the time), he was encouraged in his startup plans. He experimented with different ideas and is a successful entrepreneur and provider of a management system for the marketing industry today. Although Holzer “grew up” in the IT industry, his lessons learned are interesting for all founders:

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Tag of the Month: Bootstrapping

The financing of a prospective company is one of the main issues for each founder. Basically, there are various financing options that can help young entrepreneurs to develop their idea into a viable business model. But especially at the beginning of a founding project, sufficient funds are often not available. In such a situation, one has to economize with one’s own resources. This behavior is also called “Bootstrapping” – derived from the word “bootstrap”.

“Bootstrapping” describes a conscious approach to setting up the company, in which the start-ups only work with their own capital in the development of their business, i. e., very limited budget and limited resources. Accordingly, the founders largely fund themselves. Continue reading