Spark, fire, coal – factors for success with the EXIST Business Start-Up Grant

Many of the founder teams of students, researchers, and / or graduates of the KIT wonder whether their ideas, their startup projects, or their research projects are suitable for an application for the EXIST Business Start-Up Grant. Directly related to this is the question of what to bring to a successful application. Below, we highlight the three main evaluation criteria – which we will discuss in detail in the founder consultation with the teams. Continue reading

EXIST – Higher funding rates for business start-up grant

The EXIST Business Start-Up Grant is one of the most popular startup grant programs of the founder team at the KIT. Therefore, we are particularly pleased to inform all interested that since December 9th, 2014 the new, much higher funding rates for the startup grant are in force.

Below, we show an excerpt from the new funding guidelines, in particular the changes in relation to the nature, extent, and level of funding:

  • Students who have completed at least half of their studies: € 1,000 per month (previously € 800)
  • Technical employee / Technical assistant: 2,000 € per month (previously no funding)
  • Graduates / Undergraduates with at least one degree: 2,500 € per month (previously € 2,000)
  • Postdoctoral founders: 3,000 € per month (previously € 2,500)
  • For dependent children of the founder € 100 per child per month is granted as child allowance.
  • Operating expenditure can be regarded as eligible for a total of up to € 10,000 for single foundings and up to 30,000 € for team foundings (up to three persons) (previously € 20,000).
  • For coaching, business skills training and startup advice, up to € 5,000 can be granted additionally, which must not be used for any other purpose.

You can read detailed information on support by the EXIST business startup grant in the guidelines. For further questions, the consultant team of KIT Innovation Management is at your disposal.