Founder of the Month February: PARALUTION Labs UG

Paralution Labs UG develops and sells its software PARALUTION, a software library for parallel calculation of sparsely populated linear equations. The software is hardware independent and thus gives inexperienced programmers the chance to use the newest research architectures. In addition to the development and sales of the software, the startup also offers services in the fields of “mathematics” and “parallel algorithms.” In an interview, we asked the team of Paralution Labs about the idea, the startup time, and the future prospects.

The founding team of PARALUTION: Nico Trost and Dimitar Lukarski (f.l.)

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Pocket-size Health Screening


corvolution GmbH, a KIT spinoff, offers a sensor system for 48-h health checkups. Its use in industrial health management contributes to improved health of personnel.

Die drei Gründer von corvolution (v.l.n.r.): Dr. Stefan Lamparth, Dr. Malte Kirst und Dr. Silvester Fuhrhop.

The three founders of corvolution (from the left): Dr. Stefan Lamparth, Dr. Malte Kirst und Dr. Silvester Fuhrhop.

Health is widely known to be man‘s greatest asset. This applies not only to private health but also to health in the working environment. Healthy and capable staff members are the most important resource of a successful company. In times of rising workloads, prevention and health maintenance are therefore topics of increasing importance. This upward trend was recognized by Dr. Silvester Fuhrhop, Dr. Malte Kirst, and Dr. Stefan Lamparth some time ago; while working on their doctoral theses at the KIT Institute for Information Processing Technology (ITIV), the authors intensively worked on non-invasive diagnostic tools in cardiology and movement monitoring. Continue reading

Founder of the Month December: The lengoo UG Founding Team

lengoo_logolengoo makes use of the potential of international students. As a service provider for editorial works and translations, lengoo offers customers a wide network of qualified students that translate scientific writings into their native languages. Christopher Kränzler is one of the founders of lengoo. In an interview, we asked him about the idea, startup phase, and future prospects. Continue reading

Founder of the Month February: Frederik Beutler, Vesa Klumpp, and Felix Sawo of Knowtion

Knowtion_Logo_220Knowtion was founded in 2011 as an engineering and software service provider. For over seven years, the team has been actively concerned with the research and development of processes for data fusion. Scientific excellence and years of experience with industry-related research projects allow them to provide these processes as adaptive soft sensors for businesses.


Das Gründerteam (v.l.): Dr. Frederik Beutler, Vesa Klumpp, Dr. Felix Sawo

The founder team (left to right): Dr. Frederik Beutler, Vesa Klumpp, Dr. Felix Sawo

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