Tag of the Month: Key Performance Indicators

In the beginning, the chances for success of a startup are often not clearly foreseeable. The startup team works hard on building the business and has at least a subjective feeling about whether they are on track for success with their idea. To make this feeling measurable, so-called “key performance indicators“ (KPIs) are used. But what exactly are KPIs? How do they shed light on progress? Continue reading

Founder of the Month June: Founding team of avenyou GmbH

avenyou GmbHavenyou offers a new mobile shopping experience for online shops. With its ecommerce applications for mobile devices, users can flexibly browse through the different shops. avenyou acts as a modern “search engine” and significantly simplifies shopping in numerous online shops. The users can discover new shops and subscribe to news from their favorite shops. Furthermore, it also includes additional services that come in handy when shopping. We interviewed the team on the idea behind avenyou, its founding period, and future prospects.


Team von avenyou v.l.: Dennis Wetsermann, Michael Hauck, Jens Happe

avenyou team – from the left: Dennis Wetsermann, Michael Hauck, Jens Happe

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