Founder of the Month August: LehrWerk UG

Logo LehrWerk UGLehrWerk UG offers teaching materials for tinkerers in the form of construction kits for schools, educational institutions, universities, and at home. The goal of the two founders Jonas Fuchs and Benedict Jux is to make complex systems understandable in a playful manner in order to transmit technical foundational knowledge more easily and quickly. Through direct interaction by touch and connecting components, the developed construction kits create a technical understanding that is often missing when you enter a career. In an interview, we asked the team of LehrWerk about the idea, the startup time, and the future prospects.

Team von LehrWerk: Jonas Fuchs und Benedict Jux

LehrWerk team: Jonas Fuchs and Benedict Jux

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Tag of the Month: Social Entrepreneurship

Many people associate entrepreneurship and founding with financial success and business growth – economic company goals are paramount here. The startup scene shows that there may be other values at a founding. Social Entrepreneurship is a topic one encounters more often and so-called social startups draw attention to themselves. The focus of the founding is not profit maximization but social goals are in the forefront. Social Entrepreneurship – what is it about and what ideals lie behind it?

The term “Social Entrepreneurship” describes entrepreneurial activities in which social problems are to be solved by using a business-oriented approach. Instead of the profit concept, innovative and long-term solutions or improvement of social skills and the fulfillment of the social mission are in the foreground – so to speak, entrepreneurship for the benefit of society. The field of activity of social entrepreneurs mainly includes health, education, and environmental protection, as well as social, environmental, and corporate development.

At first glance, this model does not appear very promising. Therefore, the question is how a company works when the financial success is not one of the main objectives of the company? Social enterprises are financed, in addition to the income of the corporation, mostly through donations, grants, and funds received from the public purse. Despite the profit concept being put in the background, measurable objectives on a financial basis are relevant. Depending on the business model, one can distinguish between non-profit and for-profit companies. However, they both have the solution of social problems on a financially sustainable way in common.

The employees are also an important factor in this social corporate form. For success on a social and financial level, a high degree of commitment is necessary. In order to nevertheless create incentives for employees, social startups often provide special development opportunities for the individual employee such as space for your own projects, coaching offers, or the prospect of part-time studying.

In Karlsruhe, there are also social entrepreneurs. For example, the KIT spin-off in the field of donations. With its online platform, it enables the donations for selected projects while you shop online with their partners. Soon, you can learn even more about here. Continue reading