KIT Entrepreneurship Talks – inquisitive audience at Blue Yonder

For the second time in this semester the chair for Entrepreneurship and Technology Management invited those interested to the public lecture series “KIT Entrepreneurship Talks”. On November 27th, 2014, Prof. Dr. Michael Feindt and Uwe Weiss from Blue Yonder GmbH were guests at the KIT. In a lecture, the two entrepreneurs reported on their founding story and the challenges of building up a company.

Blue Yonder is a leading solution provider in the area of prognoses and pattern recognition for Big Data. The company successfully shows how you can go from science to business. The scientific work on a particle accelerator at CERN, the European organization of nuclear research and the data analysis of the enormous data volume linked to them finally led to the founding idea. The two experienced entrepreneurs emphasized in the talk that belief in your own idea, the power of persuasion, the actual customer benefit, and the right constellation of the founding team are decisive for the success. This time many listeners “from the same field” came to the talk with Blue Yonder, so that an intensive exchange between speakers and guests occurred. Prof. Dr. Feindt and Mr. Weiss took a lot of time to answer the interested questions at the get-together in an open atmosphere.


Do not miss the last round of talks for this year! On December 18th, 2014, you can receive not only practical tips from Dirk Fox, founder of Secorvo, but also network at the “Christmas special” of the subsequent get-together in a comfortable atmosphere and share experiences with other aspiring founders.

In the New Year, the following founders and entrepreneurs will present at the Entrepreneurship Talks:

The lecture series starts at 7 pm on the Campus South of KIT in the Tulla Hörsaal/Tulla lecture hall. It is open for anyone interested in founding a company.

KIT Entrepreneurship Talks – Successful start with Dr. Hoepfner

Under the motto “founders report from real life”, the chair for Entrepreneurship and Technology Management presented the public lecture series “KIT Entrepreneurship Talks”, in which inspiring founder and entrepreneurial persons reported their founding experiences in different industries and faced the questions from the auditorium.

On October 30th, 2014, the event series started in the winter semester 2014/2015 with Dr. Friedrich Georg Hoepfner from Hoepfner Bräu (Hoepfner brewery). With about 120 guests, the “Talk” was well received. The full auditorium at our hosts’, the Technologiefabrik Karlsruhe, shows that there is great interest in the topic of company founding and that many young founders rely on the practically tested experience of successful founders.  Dr. Hoepfner reported in a vivid and charming manner on his path as a founder and business angel. He offered informative insight into his life as an entrepreneur in a manner that was very entertaining for the audience and via instructive and funny anecdotes. All guests were able to experience that Dr. Hoepfner is a passionate entrepreneur and he likes passing on his experiences to the next generation of founders.

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