Founder of the month April: store2be GmbH

store2be_logo_v_wbThe KIT start-up store2be has created an online platform that facilitates the temporary lease of advertising and retail spaces for brick-and-mortar businesses. It allows companies to benefit from the existing customer frequency in these spaces and present their products in an optimal environment. We have interviewed the store2be team on their idea, the foundation of their company and their future perspective.


The founding team of store2be GmbH: Peter Gundel, Dr. Marlon Braumann, Emil Kabisch und Sven Wissebach (left to right)

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Founder of the Month March: PriceNow UG

PriceNow_Logo_170With its Software-as-a-Service products, PriceNow supports online retailers with existing customer marketing and social media marketing. Customer newsletters and postings can be automatically filled with personalized product and discount recommendations. PriceNow hereby develops and uses the latest machine learning algorithms. Product preferences and price sensitivity of the customer can be determined based on the existing customer data from online retailers. We interviewed Steffen Haak on the idea behind PriceNow UG, its founding period, and future prospects.

Team of PriceNow

Team of PriceNow

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Tag of the Month: Key Performance Indicators

In the beginning, the chances for success of a startup are often not clearly foreseeable. The startup team works hard on building the business and has at least a subjective feeling about whether they are on track for success with their idea. To make this feeling measurable, so-called “key performance indicators“ (KPIs) are used. But what exactly are KPIs? How do they shed light on progress? Continue reading

KIT Entrepreneurship Talks – Mikro Holzer of BrandMaker shares his lessons learned

BrandMaker_Holzer_220x220On February 12, 2015, Mirko Holzer of BrandMaker GmbH was welcomed as a guest at the KIT Entrepreneurship Talks. Holzer began a first attempt at founding while still at school. During his studies at the KIT (the University of Karlsruhe at the time), he was encouraged in his startup plans. He experimented with different ideas and is a successful entrepreneur and provider of a management system for the marketing industry today. Although Holzer “grew up” in the IT industry, his lessons learned are interesting for all founders:

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Innovation – Curse or blessing!?

The crisis is barely over, and the whole country is already calling for innovations. In times of flourishing information technology, a shift in energy, and the question about our future mobility, we definitely can’t do without them. But are innovations truly the panacea for our problems, and does innovation really make it or break it when it comes to success? Continue reading

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