Founder of the Month August: RESTUBE GmbH

RESTUBE GmbH designs, produces and operates safety systems that are specifically designed for all kinds of aquatic sports. The water rescue tools from RESTUBE work with an inflatable floating unit – RESTUBE can be referred to as the inflatable backup for water sports enthusiasts. When in a critical situation, the floating unit is inflated using a gas cartridge and the user is thus saved from drowning. We interviewed the team on the idea behind RESTUBE, its founding period, and future prospects.


Das Team von RESTUBE beim ISPO AWARD 2014. RESTUBE wurde als

The RESTUBE team at the ISPO AWARD 2014. RESTUBE was awarded the “GOLD WINNER” prize.

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Machines see people – spin-off Videmo Intelligente Videoananlyse GmbH & Co. KG uses KIT technologies internationally in the field of automatic video analysis

2011_1 Videmo Bild

Human vision is complex. Perceiving and recognizing other people from the most diverse viewing angles, the interpretation of movement, gestures, facial expression, and direction of gaze are important basic elements of human interaction. The Videmo Intelligente Videoananlyse GmbH & Co. KG develops technical systems which imitate important skills of the human visual perception and uses these in the most varied of applications, mostly in the areas of safety and customer analysis.

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