Founder of the Month December: livedooh GmbH

livedooh GmbHlivedooh GmbH develops software solutions for the digital outdoor advertising industry. Using own-developed Ad-servers, advertisement campaigns can be effectively controlled and advertised to targeted groups. Reactions of the viewers of the advertisements are analyzed using an anonymized, intelligent video analysis technology. The data is also used to evaluate the success of outdoor advertising. We interviewed the team on the idea behind livedooh, its founding period, and future prospects.

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Machines see people – spin-off Videmo Intelligente Videoananlyse GmbH & Co. KG uses KIT technologies internationally in the field of automatic video analysis

2011_1 Videmo Bild

Human vision is complex. Perceiving and recognizing other people from the most diverse viewing angles, the interpretation of movement, gestures, facial expression, and direction of gaze are important basic elements of human interaction. The Videmo Intelligente Videoananlyse GmbH & Co. KG develops technical systems which imitate important skills of the human visual perception and uses these in the most varied of applications, mostly in the areas of safety and customer analysis.

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