Gestures conquering industrial processes

The KIT spin-off Kinemic GmbH is developing a software for keying and device interaction based on steering gestures for industrial applications.

Dr Christoph Amma set off to become an entrepreneur with his doctoral thesis at the Chair of Cognitive Systems in Informatics at KIT: “While I was doing my doctorate, I explored options for recognising and interpreting human movements, especially gesture and handprint character recognition. Ultimately, this was to result in ‘airwriting’, a system enabling letters to be written and recognised in the air without a keying or input device. Texts are thus captured solely by movements of the hand.

Inventor Amma caused a sensation with this invention. His academic work earned him a number of distinctions, including the “Google Faculty Research Award” in 2013. Technical implementation was supported by Marcus Georgi, a fellow informatics scientist at KIT. The positive acclaim the two scientists have met with and the growing interest taken in airwriting have encouraged them to go on pursuing the development of the research results towards concrete applications. Thus the decision to go into business suggested itself. “Progressing from scientific proof to application at client level really is exciting,” Amma remarks. “You have to do a lot of developing to get your own vision put into practice.” Tomt Lenz, a fellow KIT graduate who joined the team, adds: “Thanks to my previous activities as a business consultant, I was able to provide valuable experience in company development.”


Das Team von Kinemic möchte die Bedienung von digitalen Geräten im industriellen Einsatz revolutionieren: Dr. Christoph Amma, Marcus Georgi, Tomt Lenz.

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Founder of the Month August: Thomas Schander of the Inreal Technologies GmbH

inreal Tech GmbH Logo_220The Inreal Technologies GmbH was founded in 2011 as a KIT spin-off. The goal of the three founders is to tap the high use of virtual reality with customized solutions for unique product presentation. Thomas Schander is the founder and managing director of Inreal Technologies. In an interview, we asked him about his idea, startup phase, and future prospects.

Thomas Schander

Thomas Schander

What does your business stand for?

Inreal Technologies stands for virtual reality: It’s about diving into the virtual environment. The centerpiece is a special pair of glasses with integrated displays. For example, this currently enables future building contractors to inspect their building before the start of construction. Changes can be experienced from a first-hand perspective.

Additionally, the virtual reality makes the entertainment of the future possible thanks to the special glasses and motion capture with its interaction forms.

Terminal von Inreal Technologies

Terminal of Inreal Technologies

How did you come up with the idea for your startup?

The dream of virtual reality has been known since science fiction movies, but it hasn’t been implemented well enough so far. That is why we have decided to advance virtual reality as a business. We recognize the large potential of this technology and want to design the future as pioneers with premium products.

Are there any founders or entrepreneurs who you particularly admire?

I think the entrepreneurial task consists of implementing existing talents, resources, and happiness into a productive application. Every successful business is then unique and non-reproducible, but admirable.

Where do you see challenges on your way to becoming a successful company?

As a young business, there is no company history from which to draw conclusions for the future. Therefore, one has to rethink and adjust one’s way to achieving a goal. Constant reaction and creativity are the biggest challenges.

Could you imagine working for a different business in the future or would you rather be your own boss?

Being a boss is not an incentive for me. I want to contribute to forming a developing product. Thus, there is not a more exciting environment than Inreal.

Where do you see yourself and your business in 10 years?

In 10 years, Inreal will have revolutionized the consumption of digital worlds. I will advance the further product and business model development in a stable market position.

Do you have any tips for other young business founders?

I think that one should have the nerve to leave established principles in order to pursue new paths. It is motivating to compete with the best, instead of comparing oneself to other startups.

Brief overview:

  • Founders: Thomas Schander, Moritz Luck und Michael Beyhs
  • Startup: 2011
  • Homepage:
  • Contact:
  • Field: Virtual Reality
inreal stand cebit 2012

Inreal Technologies at CEBIT